Uchiya Privacy Policy
Uchiya Thermostat Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Uchiya") recognizes that the protection of personal information is its social responsibility, and have established the policy for protection of personal information. Every effort is constantly being made to implement and maintain such a policy. This privacy policy sets forth our principles as follows.
1. Obedience by the laws for the protection of personal information
Uchiya abides by the laws, regulations and guidelines of Japan pertaining to the protection of personal information under strict control whenever Uchiya needs to obtain, use and provide personal information
2. Appropriate measures of personal information
  Whenever Uchiya obtains personal information from our customers, Uchiya uses this information for specific business purpose only. When Uchiya has to use personal information beyond this extent, we may use the information after obtaining the agreement of customers except where permitted by law.
3. Preventive measures against disclosure of personal information
  Uchiya makes every effort to implement, through the adoption of necessary and appropriate security measures, the security control of personal information handled by Uchiya, including protection from disclosure, loss or damage.
4. Continuous improvement of the protection for personal information
All Uchiya employees are aware and informed about the importance of personal information. Uchiya makes every effort to continuously improve its personal information protection management system, including this policy.

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