Management System Certification

・Quality:   ISO9001
(updated to 2015 version)

Certified in Mar, 1995 UCHIYA Headquarter in Japan
Certified in Apr, 1997 UCHIYA IRELAND LTD.
Certified in Oct, 1997 UCHIYA HONG KONG LTD.

・Environment:  ISO14001

Certified in Nov, 1996 Uchiya Head Quarter in Japan
Certified in Sep, 2000 UCHIYA IRELAND LTD.
Certified in Apr, 2004 UCHIYA HONG KONG LTD.

・Health and Safety: 
OHSAS 18001

Certified in Jun, 2011 UCHIYA HONG KONG LTD.(*2)
*1) UCHIYA is the first SME in Japan who achieved both of ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.


*2) UCHIYA HONG KONG LTD. is one of few companies in the world who have of got certified “OHSAS 18001”. ( As of Mar, 2013)


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