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TOP 会社情報 seihin kankyou kenkyu saiyou otoiawse
March 1956 Uchiya Seisakusho founded in Katsushika, Tokyo
Production of electrical contacts started
February 1959 Established Uchiya Seisakusho Co., ltd.
February 1962 Launched Misato Factory
March 1963 Started production of thermostats
March 1975 Renamed to
September 1983 Established U T S CO., LTD.(Export Division)
December 1985 Established UCHIYA EUROPE GmbH.
(Former West Germany)
July 1986 Established UCHIYA HONG KONG LTD.
March 1991 Celebrated its' 33th anniversary
Merged with BS Industrial Co.,ltd. and NIHON Technica Co.,ltd.
December 1993 Established UCHIYA IRELAND LTD
October 1999 Achieved world No.1 with thermostat for Hairdryer
November 2006 Obtained premises for expanding Misato Factory to the north
May 2008 Celebrated its' 50th anniversary
January 2011 Obtained the land premises for environmental practice adjacent to mizumoto park
March 2012 Introduced in the book "The Japanese company that produces the best things in the world"
May 2016 Celebrated it's 60th anniversary
("Ondo" June 2016 issue)
September 2019 Held ceremony of Management Philosophy Succession of UCHIYA
("Ondo" Oct. 2019 issue)