Recently we encountered many counterfeits of UCHIYA products in our market.
As the manufacturer of thermostats having the motto “Supplying Safety to Society”, we take the matter of counterfeits very seriously.
Of course we are trying to do our best to stop counterfeits and at the same time we ask our customers to contact us immediately when you find something different with UCHIYA products.
If you accidentally use counterfeits into your products, you risk the reliability, brand image and even safety certificates of your products as issued by the global safety authorities.
We will continue to work hard to select good quality materials for our products which comply with the severe requirements for quality and environment.
We would like to remind you to pay your deep attention not to use such counterfeits which is very cheap in price but which doesn't comply with quality as an important safety device at all.

Thanks and best regards

News about UCHIYA counterfeit and price change upward (26/OCT/2010)

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News about UCHIYA Counterfeit
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